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Civil Grand Jury Roster 2001 - 2002

Civil Grand Jury Roster 2001 - 2002Members of the 2001-2002 San Francisco Civil Grand Jury

William G. Boewn, Foreman
Delia F. Ehrlich, Secretary
Jane A. Hebler, Ed.D., Foreperson Pro Tem
Gwen L. Bouzon
Ernest L. Brown, Ph.D
Lawrence C. Chan
Martin L. Eng
John F. Hentz
Agar Jaicks
Willa F. Jefferson-Stokes
Kenneth T. Jones
Danyelle Y. Marshall-Randall
Quintin C. Mecke
Jack Mona
Sara J. Segal
Matthew C. Sheridan
Arlene K. Singer
Agnes G. Summers
Julia R. Viera

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