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Foreword2000 - 2001 Civil Grand Jury Reports

June 30, 2001

The Honorable Ronald Evans Quidachay
Presiding Judge of the Superior Court
Civic Center Courthouse
400 McAllister Street, Department 206
San Francisco, CA 94102

Dear Judge Quidachay:

The 2000-2001 San Francisco Civil Grand Jury herewith respectfully submits its Final Reports. The Grand Jury greatly appreciates the support we received from you, as well as from former Presiding Judge Alfred G. Chiantelli, during the course of our term. The members of the Jury are honored to have had the opportunity to be of service to the County and to participate in this valuable and venerable institution.

The Grand Jury wishes to thank the people who spent time with us this year as part of our interviews and investigations. One of the pleasures of our term was verifying how fortunate San Francisco is to have so many conscientious, hardworking City employees.

On behalf of the Grand Jury, I would also like to once again thank the Trial Courts staff for all of their support work during our term, particularly Michael Tamony. As with previous Juries, I would like to especially single out Gary Giubbini for his many contributions to our activities. The Court is fortunate to have him as an asset.

I would like to thank my colleagues this year for their hard work, patience, and diligence. These reports represent many hours of work on their part. I believe this body of reports contains many recommendations of value to the City, and we look forward to their consideration by the agencies to which they are made.

In addition to our reports, other significant accomplishments of this Grand Jury include:

Further development and organization of the reference material in the Grand Jury Library, in order to aid future Juries in their investigations.

Meetings with most members of the Board of Supervisors to discuss the duties of the Grand Jury and encourage a written response to Grand Jury recommendations and hearings on the various reports.

Requests to each Supervisor that they identify potential Grand Jury candidates in the future from their districts and encourage those individuals to apply for membership on the Grand Jury in order to increase diversity by supervisorial district.

Formation of a Continuity Committee that monitored responses to previous Grand Jury reports, prepared follow-up correspondence to be issued by the Court where warranted, and performed any necessary follow-up investigation.

Initiation of a San Francisco chapter of the California Grand Jury Association.
On a personal note, I would like to once again thank former Presiding Judge Chiantelli for appointing me as Grand Jury Foreman. Having now served for two years, the previous year as a committee chair, I can truly say that I have learned a great deal about the structure and workings of the City and County of San Francisco. I consider myself lucky to live in one of the world's great cities.


Alan L. Nicholson
Foreman, 2000-2001 Civil Grand Jury

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